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Eikon Tattoo Machine Reviews TMA

Eikon Tattoo Machines Reviews 2021

How Good is the Coil and Rotary Line-up by Eikon? Where other tattoo machine makers are trying to cram all of the various operations (lining, shading, packing) into the same

How to Practice Tattooing Tricks for Beginners

How to Practice Tattooing: Tricks for a Good Start

Deciding how you’re going to learn to be a tattooist and start practicing can be challenging! How to practice tattooing is one of the most common questions for beginners in


Tattoo Stencil Machine Explained for Rookies

Every good tattoo artist will invest in an equally good tattoo stencil machine, but what is it, how do you use it and which are the best ones? A tattoo

Brands Offering Wireless Tattoo Machines

Cheyenne Tattoo Machine Reviews

Cheyenne Tattoo Machine Reviews

The German-made Cheyenne Tattoo Machine is available in several different styles with the release of new rotary models. The entire Cheyenne range allows the tattoo artist to work with precision

Wireless Tattoo Machine Guide - TMA

Best Wireless Tattoo Machine Reviews and Buying Guide 2021

Wireless Tattoo Machines are the new alternative for artists who need to take their work anywhere. Finding a wireless tattoo machine with the same performance as other standard machine has

FK Irons Tattoo Machine Reviews

FK Irons Tattoo Machine Reviews

FK Irons is one of the best tattoo machine manufacturers you can choose a product from. But which one to look at? Even though, FK Irons is one of the